Weight Loss Subliminal Hypnosis 6 Audios

Weight Loss Subliminal Hypnosis 6 Audios
Weight Loss Subliminal Hypnosis 6 Audios

Weight loss requires that your deep inner self come into alignment with your outer self. You want to lose weight, but the voice inside that makes the real decisions would rather have comfort, anxiety eating, or a negative view of your body and life. Subliminal hypnosis helps that inner self get a new view or thought on life. Rather than struggling, that inner deciding voice comes in alignment with your desire to lose weight, be healthy, be fit, and be attractive.

This program of subliminal hypnosis audios helps you with good eating and weight programs to help that part of you that resists change. It becomes reprogrammed to stop sabotaging you. Instead, that part of you becomes your greatest ally. There is hope, you can do it.

At Boise Bipolar Center, we are dedicated to seeing that all support persons don’t just survive, but that they thrive. Often ignored, a supporter endures their bipolar’s roller coaster ride and become collateral damage: depressed, guilty, angry and more.

Affirmations are hidden in ultrasonic frequency in these audios that help you:
Gain confidence
Raise self esteem
Face fears and let go of panic
Get going and stop procrastination on self care
Trust yourself and life
Take small steps to recovery as a support person
Overcome emotional pain and baggage
Find and release creativity
Drop feelings of failure and guilt
Find feelings of peace
Affirm your problem solving abilities
Instill calm, peace, hope, and happiness

Subliminal hypnosis audios use safe and well chosen affirmations that your mind will register. You can relax and just listen to the audio. While audios have the same ocean and music track, all 7 audios have affirmations that are specific to the topic.

To Thrive and Live Fully!

Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D. is director of Boise Bipolar Center and Terrap Agoraphobia Program. He has over 30 years experience treating agoraphobia.

Use during day and before sleep, but not while operating equipment or driving.

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